Top 11 Best Meat Tenderizer Tools and Powders Seasoned or Non Seasoned Reviews and Buying Guide

Almost everyone loves meat despite their age. Some love to take meat at a weekend meat party while others like to enjoy it with vegies, in a completely healthier and tastier way.

There are literally many ways to tenderize your favorite meats. These ways include home-made techniques to soft many kinds of meats, special tenderizing powders, or different sturdy and durable tools bought at a store.

Top Meat Tenderizers A Quick Comparison

Image Product Feature Price
Best Tool

Jaccard 45 Blade


Comfortable cleaning
High durability
Check On Amazon

Ultra Sharp Needle Blade


razor-sharp needles, Well made components Check On Amazon

Norpro 24-Prongs


Knife-sharp prongs
Check On Amazon

Checkered Chef


Incredibly well built.
Can tenderize various types of meat.
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KitchenAid One Side Gourmet


Aluminum construction.
Durable, lightweight, and heavy-duty
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Best Powder

McCormick’s Unseasoned


Tenderizes meat thoroughly.
High-grade product
Check On Amazon

McCormick’s Seasoned


Includes natural ingredients and a special blend of spices. Check On Amazon

Adolph’s Seasoned


amazing seasoning results on steaks Check On Amazon

Marshall Creek


Adds outstanding flavor to meals Check On Amazon

McCormick Culinary


32 oz large plastic bottle.
Splendid flavor
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Starwest Botanical


Enhances meat flavor.
Great quality product
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The presence of these magical tools or amazing powders in your kitchen can tenderize a variety of meat completely, enhance its juicy yummy taste, and make it easily bite-able.

Although all these meat tenderizers share one common purpose of softening the meat, they are not physically the same.


Before anything, let’s look at our TOP PICK from the list of Best Meat Tenderizer Tools and Powders.


Our “Top Pick” for Best Meat Tenderizer Tool

Jaccard Stainless Steel 45-Blade Meat Tenderizer Tool



Check price on Amazon

The reason behind meat toughness is connective tissues. Jaccard Meat Tenderizer tool cuts through the meat smoothly with its stainless steel double-sided razor-sharp blades. The easy to use hand-held, multiple blades design of this Meat Tenderizer is ideal for both home cooking fanatics and professional chefs.

With its high-quality durability, performance, and lifetime warranty against defects, Jaccard Stainless Steel 45-Blade Meat Tenderizer Tool tops our list of Prime Meat Tenderizers.

Notable features;

  1. Hand-held Meat Tenderizer Tool.
  2. Double-sided stainless steel sharp 45-Blade Meat Tenderizer.
  3. Durable performance with highest quality material.
  4. Limited lifetime warranty against defects.



Our “Top Pick” for Best Meat Tenderizing Powder

McCormick’s Unseasoned Meat Tenderizing Powder




The reason behind meat toughness is connective tissues. Jaccard Meat Tenderizer tool cuts through the meat smoothly with its stainless steel double-sided razor-sharp blades. The easy to use hand-held, multiple blades design of this Meat Tenderizer is ideal for both home cooking fanatics and professional chefs.

With its high-quality durability, performance, and a lifetime warranty against defects, Jaccard Stainless Steel 45-Blade Meat Tenderizer Tool tops our list of Prime Meat Tenderizers.

Use McCormick’s non-seasoned powder for flavor-full meat parties. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of this product on per pound of your pork, chicken, or beef meat.

The reason for it being a top pick is that high-grade salts and sugar present in this meat tenderizer gives soft and savory touch to any sort of meat before cooking. So you can enjoy a luscious ride in every bite.

Want a tasty meat-treat? Before cooking your thick cuts of meat, dust it with McCormick’s meat tenderizer and let stand for 30 minutes before cooking. Here you go for a perfect rich taste of meat.

So now, let’s dive right into it!


Reviews on Best Meat Tenderizer Tools

Having a tool that tenderizes meat isn’t enough. It’s important that you know which one of these tools is best for you and what factors to look for when buying such a tool.

Guess what? It’s not your concern anymore. Because in this review, we are going to discuss exactly what kind of Finest Meat Tenderizing Tools you should buy with details of each one.

1. Checkered Chef Meat Tenderizer tool

The ideal weight and unique solid metal establishment of the Meat Tenderizer Tool allow the weight of the mallet to do hard work and your arm to rest. Its smooth rubber handle is pressure bearing and thus aids you to hold it easily, leaving no worry. Besides this, its styling allows both left and right-handed users to use it trouble-free.

Safety comes first than anything else. This Elite Meat Tenderizer permits you to wash it without daunting about its non-stick polish. The reason is that the non-stick black coating secures the Checkered Chef Meat Tenderizer’s aluminum, making it 100% dishwasher safe.

This Meat Tenderizer Tool would be an ideal choice for you because of its sturdy construction and perfect weight. Now making tender, luscious steaks is just a BBQ away.

  • Satisfying quality for price.
  • Incredibly well built.
  • Can tenderize various types of meat.
  • Remarkable customer service.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Good weight stability.
  • 100% Dishwasher safe.
  • The black non-stick coating may come off.



2. Ultra Sharp Needle Blade Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizer tool

The UltraSharp Needle Blade Meat Tenderizer tool by Ccfoud assists you to tenderize the meat perfectly. When you press the Stainless Steel Tenderizer onto the meat, it produces mini hot channels within the meat. This aids marinade in permeation rapidly.

You can enjoy the original flavor and taste of meat as this meat tenderizer tool reduces the cooking time by up to 40%. The 48 stainless steel blades are long-lasting and without rust or abrasion. This helps to extend the tenderizer’s performance for your recurrent use.

This meat tenderizer tool is entirely dishwasher safe. You can also clean it after use by soaking it in hot soapy water. Later on, scrub it with a brush.

Besides all this, the 48-Blades meat tenderizer comes with a cleaning brush, blade cover, and a money-back guarantee for 365 days. So, in case of any dissatisfaction in the said period, you can take your money back. But with all these amazing features, you’d hardly find a dissatisfactory with this product.

  • Enduring razor-sharp needles.
  • Well made components.
  • Smooth and Trouble-free usage.
  • Reasonable price for the best quality.
  • Do not crush the meat.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Have a handle for easy hold.
  • The hollow handle may permit the soap and water to collect inside it after washing.


3. Jaccard Stainless Steel 45-Blade Meat Tenderizer Tool

Here comes our Top Pick. The Jaccard Stainless Steel 45-Blade Meat Tenderizer Tool comes with a detachable blade cartridge for you to clean it completely. It is an ideal choice for both home cooking fans and professional chefs.

This product brings down cooking time by up to 40% for you and increases the absorption of marinades by up to 600%. The sharp-edged stainless steel double-sided blades of this tenderizer cut through the connective tissues ( reason for meat toughness) of meat gently. You don’t need to put much pressure on the meat.

Discover incredible results on boneless chicken by tenderizing it with Jaccard Meat Tenderizer Tool, so you can enjoy the natural flavor and juices of the meat.

The Jaccard meat tenderizer comes with a lifetime warranty against workmanship or material defects. Its high-standard material built provides long-lasting performances to the tenderizer and will let you enjoy yummy steaks at home.

  • Specially designed for home cooking fanatics and professional chefs.
  • Squeeze cooking time by up to 40%.
  • Comfortable cleaning.
  • High durability.
  • Precisely sharp blades (needles).
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Reassembling the parts (after disassembling them for cleaning) may cause difficulty.



4. Norpro 24-Prongs Meat Tenderizer Tool


Like any other amazing Meat Tenderizer Tool on our list, this stainless steel meat tenderizer also boosts the quality and flavor of meat and takes you to a land of juicy fresh tastes of fish, poultry, and beef.

The 24 stainless steel prongs cracks down tough connective tissues and fibers of the meat and let the marinade to absorb quickly. This result for you to enjoy the juicy and tender meat dishes. This expert-grade tool comes with a heavy-duty spring mechanism control, which makes it easier to use the product.

The bottom 2-inch diameter plastic disk provides accurate control when the tenderizer’s handle is tugged down. When you let out downward pressure, the grip springs up again, control to tenderize another piece with the same soft, steady action.

Because of its durability and dishwasher safe factors, Norpro 24-Prongs Meat Tenderizer Tool will provide you with ease of use and stability. Its gentle handling structure lets you make pores into meat securely, with no fear of crumbling the meat. We recommend it to hand-wash.

  • Finest quality with ease of usage and cleaning.
  • Suitable price.
  • Lightweight.
  • Knife-sharp prongs.
  • Works with many types of meat such as turkey, chicken, steak, pork.
  • Perfectly fits in hand.
  • Ideally tenderize the meat by making small pores.
  • The prongs may get stick inside and cause difficulty when pulling out of the meat.



6. KitchenAid One Side Gourmet Meat Tenderizer Tool

For your best-loved meat recipes, this all-around KitchenAid Gourmet Meat Tenderizer Tool will flatten or tenderize meat for you. Enjoy steamy flavors of steak with this two-surfaced meat tenderizer.

This feature of the two-surface includes One flat surface used for pounding and flattening of meat. The raised surface or textured surface is for ideal use on many kinds of meat for your comfort.

You will love the comfortable experience provided by its smooth grip handle. Not only for flattening pieces of meat, but this tool is also useful for you to crush spices.

It is a durable, lightweight, and sturdy aluminum-constructed tool for your kitchen. The hole in the ergonomic handle gives you the possibility for easy hanging. Besides this, the KitchenAid Meat Tenderizer Tool comes with a lifetime limited warranty and 1-year struggle-free replacement.

  • Convenience cleaning and holding.
  • Two-surfaced (flat and textured) meat tenderizer.
  • Provides wonderful flattening and tenderizing of meat.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • Durable, lightweight, and heavy-duty.
  • The handle fits perfectly in hand and comes with a hanging storage option.
  • Works on a variety of meats.
  • It is not dishwasher safe, but hand-wash only.

Reviews on Best Meat Tenderizing Powders

Now it’s time to review some most used and best tenderizing powders for meat only for you. These prime tenderizing powders are available in the market in two forms; seasoned and non-seasoned. Go for the one you think will suit you better.

You can comfortably use these powders on different meats for a perfect, tenderize, mouth-watering taste. Use these tenderizing powders for the quickest results at your every home BBQ party or get together with friends, missing nothing.

01. McCormick’s Unseasoned Meat Tenderizing Powder



Here comes our top pick: McCormick’s unseasoned meat tenderizer. When you use this product at any meat party or to feed your cravings, you’d taste flavorsome meat.

Before cooking your expensive cuts of meat, scatter this tenderizing powder onto the meat and let it stand for 30 minutes. After cooking, the meat gives your taste-buds an appealing and appetizing flavor. This aids you to chew the meat with no worry.

When you dust 1 teaspoon of this powder onto the meat, the high-standard salt and sugar mixture goes deep into the hardy meat tissues (such as fiber or connective tissues) and weaken them.

This makes the meat juicy and injects it with toothsome flavors before cooking. Now enjoying your home-steak parties is securely possible.

  • Tenderizes meat thoroughly.
  • High-grade product for a reasonable price.
  • Works perfectly on cheaper or expensive cuts of a variety of meat.
  • Significant results when added to a marinade for tenderizing meat.
  • There is no MSG added to this meat tenderizer.
  • Doesn’t change the flavors while seasoning.
  • Un-seasoned tenderizing powder.
  • This powder may cause the meat to become a bit salty, so use fairly.



02. McCormick’s Seasoned Meat Tenderizing Powder



We have earlier discussed McCormick’s tenderizing powder, which was unseasoned.

Not only this, The McCormick brand introduces you to its amazing seasoned meat tenderizing powder. This product highlights its special blends of quality spices and natural components.

For an appetizing quick outcome, use this easy-to-go, sea-salt and natural sugars, seasoned tenderizer. Which adds pleasant-tasting to your meals.

It gives you the guarantee of fresh meat flavors and ensures valuable taste. When you sprinkle this seasoned tenderizer on the meat and let it stand, it gently goes down into the meat and tenderizes its every inch.

Whether you are yearning for beef or want to have a luscious bite of poultry, one teaspoon of this product injects a variety of meat or its cuts with pleasant flavors and increases your love for it in every astonishing meat bite.

  • Tenderizes and adds wonderful flavors to a good deal of meat perfectly.
  • High-level product at a reasonable price.
  • Using for a longer time on meat grants fanatical tenderizing results.
  • Includes natural ingredients and a special blend of spices.
  • Sodium content is low.
  • Easy to use.
  • Seasoned powder tenderizer for meat.
  • May gives off a high taste of salt, so use fairly.


03. Adolph’s Seasoned Meat Tenderizing Powder

Adolph’s Seasoned Tenderizer for meat transforms any dull dinner table into your favorite mouth-watering treats. This product comes with enjoyable seasonings, an eccentric blend of savory spices and natural flavors. 

An amazing chance for you to serve everyone with warm meat tastes and win their hearts. A perfect match for your chicken, beef, or pork recipes that includes garlic, onion, turmeric, sugar, sea salt, and pineapple’s extract as ingredients. 

Now making yummy, soft, and juicy meat dishes at home is absolutely easier for you. This Powder is a great trick to Season and Tenderize quick-meals of meat at home. 

Just directly moist the surface of any meat, shake on the tenderizer, and then the choice is yours to broil, bake or grill to perfection.

  • Remarkable blend of spices.
  • Great product at a suitable price.
  • Give amazing seasoning results when it gets sprinkle on steaks.
  • Tenderizes any meat from beef to chicken thoroughly.
  • Seasoned tenderizing powder for meat.
  • Includes pineapple fruit extract that helps in tenderizing meat quickly and perfectly.
  • Maybe saltier, so use moderately.

04. Marshall Creek’s Spices Meat Tenderizing Powder (no salt)


The brand Marshall Creek packs their yummy spices tenderizer for meat with rich, fresher ingredients just for you. These ingredients fill your meat cuts with more flavour and exhibits a longer shelf life.


The all-natural flavor of this best meat tenderizing powder when mixes with your precious meat, be it pork or beef, increases the softening time of meat and lets your sense of taste to explore something new, perfectly delicious, and matchable with your excellence.

The addition of MSG in various products may cause some people to get allergic to it. But thanks to Marshall Creek’s spices tenderizer, there is no such thing as MSG or fillers present in this product, so you can use it with no worry to tenderize your yummy meat steaks or port cutlets.

Apart from making pleasant-tasting meals with this product, you can peacefully store the small quartz-size, wide-mouth jars of these spices. With that said, they are tamper-proof seals.


  • No MSG.
  • No-salt tenderizer for meat.
  • Adds outstanding flavor to meals.
  • Excellently tenderizes a variety of meats.
  • Well-balanced amount of spices and herbs.
  • Reasonable price for a great product.
  • Enhances the natural flavors of the meat.
  • It may give off a mild taste.


05. McCormick Culinary’s Seasoned Meat Tenderizing Power


Want an exclusive combination of the richest spices? McCormick Culinary makes their Seasoned Meat Tenderizer with a special mixture of spices such as paprika, celery, enzymes, and onion so you can enjoy these new taste mixes.

A mixture specially prepared for chefs, this Meat Tenderizing Powder is a ready-to-use product for softening your steaks at home. Remember not to freeze the meat after using this tenderizer, as freezing won’t stop the enzymes’ action.

Like any other Best Meat Tenderizer on our list, this tenderizer leaves your taste-buds with enormous value, strong flavor, and consistency in every crunch.

Now creating your dearest appetizers using McCormick Culinary’s seasoned tenderizer for meat is an unchallenging task for you. Enjoy a luxurious palate by seasoning and ripping any expensive cuts of meat before cooking.


  • 32 oz large plastic bottle.
  • Splendid flavor (not overwhelming)
  • Tenderize many kinds of meat cuts perfectly.
  • Best quality for the price.
  • Doesn’t cause heartburn.
  • Excellent seasoning giving off lovely taste.
  • Combination with garlic salt grants a perfect mixture.
  • May get salty if put too much on meat, so use fairly.



06. Starwest Botanical’s Papain Meat Tenderizing Powder


Use Starwest Botanical’s papain powder for the superb result on every weekend home BBQ party. The reason for this tastier result is that this product contains enzymes such as papain derived directly from the papaya fruit.

Just like the enzymes in our body works in digesting the food, when you put this papain powder on the meat cuts, the enzyme (papain) goes deeper into the meat and weakens its tissues that cause the toughness of the meat. So that after cooking, it becomes amazingly chewable and juicy for you.

Using papain powder for tenderizing a good deal of meat would be an ideal choice for you to enjoy juicy beef, poultry, or pork at home. Remember not to marinate meat in this papain powder, as this will turn any meat to mush.

Its base of maltodextrin uses papain as a standard ingredient. People have been using papain for years in Latin America. And it shows excellent results when used as a meat tenderizer. So using this powder for tenderizing meat comfortably at home mainly softens your cutlets or steaks with no worry.

  • A bit amount works significantly for tenderizing tough cuts of meat.
  • Enhances meat flavor.
  • Great quality product at a reasonable price.
  • The enzyme (papain) present in it helps in food digestion.
  • You can add spices and herbs of your choice, as papain has no flavor of its own.
  • This papain powder contains many benefits for health.
  • No salt.
  • May have an unpleasant odor (fishy odor) if left un-refrigerated.



Buying Guide for the Best Meat Tenderizer Tools

Are you an extreme meat lover but tired of eating dry and tough meat?

Here is a solution for you to enjoy tender meats at home. Meat Tenderizer is a tool that tenderizes stubborn meat tissues and gives its texture a juicy and tastier touch. A tool that helps you enjoy your weekend steak parties with no worry.

But before buying any meat tenderizer product, let’s discuss some factors that you should always keep in mind. These factors assist you in buying the finest Meat Tenderizer that matches your standards.


  • Design

Design defines the beauty of any product out there. Design is a crucial factor of the Best Meat Tenderizers that some other tenderizer doesn’t bear.

All meat tenderizers have some differences in their designs, though they all share the same purpose. Some bear the great mallet head to break up the tough tissues of muscles, while others have knife-like metal blades that penetrate the meat.

With this, consumers are prudent to try varieties of meat tenderizer to discover the best for them. As we are talking, you must consider the design of handles and surface of meat tenderizer tools. We recommend nonslip handles and dishwasher safe designs.


  • Cleaning

The purpose of a meat tenderizer is to go deep into meat and cut apart the connective tissues to tenderize it completely. So cleaning this tool is as important as health.

Best Meat Tenderizer Tools are easy to clean and used again. Being dishwasher safe is an excellent feature of the most mallet meat tenderizer tools, while some best tenderizer tools are suitable enough to keep hygienic measures active after soaking into warm soapy water.

You should never compromise your health for anything, so make sure the meat tenderizer you are buying has the feature of trouble-free cleaning.


  • Safety

Safety is important for any self. The Best Meat Tenderizer Tool is the one that is user friendly and easy to control. Some needle or blade-like meat tenderizer tools are fairly dangerous for you, so be extra careful when using them.

While mallet head tenderizers are huge and thus can cause sincere wound if you don’t take the precautionary measures into account.

Some meat tenderizers have a lasting assortment of edges that stay unprotected all the time. Most needle-like meat tenderizer tools have a safety cover over the blade. Which stops any sudden contact with blades. So consider the one with a plastic cap covering needle-like blades.


  • Sturdiness and Durability 

Buying a meat tenderizer tool day after day is a total hassle. So always put durability into consideration. The Best Meat Tenderizer Tool never compromises on durability and gives you the best results for the money you spend.

As you are looking for the best meat tenderizer tool, so check beforehand that it is sturdy enough to keep up with your demands of juicy meats.

Durability and sturdiness come with multitasking as well. So buying a meat tenderizer tool that is strong enough to multitask would be your wonderful choice.


  • Worth of money

In today’s age, it is difficult to earn money and demands the wise-spend of it. You should keep into consideration the price that you are paying for. The best meat tenderizer tool will provide you with services that others don’t.

Buy a tenderizer that works on different meats so you don’t have to buy different tenderizers for a variety of meats. It should be able to do the job for you, such as flattening meat with less force or making pores for the marinade to absorb quickly.

A tenderizer tool that is easy to clean after your use and is dishwasher safe. The Best Meat Tenderizer Tools comes with a limited warranty and replacement against defects. These features assist you in thinking that you have bought a product worthy of your money.

Before reviewing the next part, let me cater to you with some key information that you might need to know regarding meat tenderizing powder.


What is a Meat Tenderizing Powder?

Meat tenderizing powder is a powder form of natural enzymes (or made from natural enzymes). Some fruits have these enzymes such as papain from papaya and bromelain from pineapple.

When you dust this natural-enzyme powder onto your chops or steak pieces, it works on weakening the meat fibers. So meat becomes biteable.


How does a Meat Tenderizing Powder work?

Just like the enzymes in our body assists us in digesting food, the same way enzymes in tenderizing powder for meat cuts down the hardy connective tissue and fibers of meat to make it chewable.

Collagen protein makes the fibers to hold the muscle tissues together in meats. That’s why to soften the hardy meat muscles, you can use meat tenderizing powder available best in the market. Which contains 2 most common Anti-collagen enzymes, papain, and bromelain.


Is it alright to use Tenderizing Powder?

Enzymes like papain and bromelain in powder for meat tenderizing helps to break the collagen protein in meat. So, it is alright if you can use it properly on meat for the quickest and tastier results. Besides this, you can add this tenderizing powder to the marinade and let the steak pieces soak in it for some hours.


How to make Meat Tenderizer at home easily?

Although this article is about tenderizing powder for meat. But some people, maybe you, prefer the home-made tenderizing method which is more matchable with your eating standards.

So here’s the method for preparing home-made meat tenderizing for a smooth, yummy taste.

  1. Make pores with a fork in the meat pieces and then soak it in vinegar for some time (1 or 2 hours to be exact) and then cook it to explore yummy soft taste in every bite.
  2. Have an outcome of delicious stew meats, crispy soft chicken roasts, or tender steaks by adding white vinegar (a tablespoon or two) to your cooking fluids.


Now that you have some basic chief information, it would be really trouble-free for you to select the best powder for tenderizing meat that matches your taste. 



Final Verdict

We believe that we have covered the entire article with honest review and obligatory details about our every best meat tenderizing powders (seasoned and non-seasoned) and best meat tenderizing tools that you are looking for. We have chosen these meat tenderizer tools and powders just for you, considering their features and factors in providing hassle-free service.

Now as a meat-lover, using these Best Meat Tenderizer Tools or powders let you have fun at your weekend steak parties, fill up your juicy cravings for eating meat salad, or home BBQ plans with your precious friends.

One thing for you to keep in mind about tenderizing powders that check before head if there is any ingredient in these powders (such as MSG) that may cause you allergy later on.

We hope that after reading this article; you are sure enough that which Best Meat Tenderizer tool or seasoned/non-seasoned powder is equivalent to your standards. Now order your favorite meat tenderizers and serve yourself with surprising best-loved meat dishes at home.


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